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The Hallmark of Steelcast Limited is to produce goods with excellent performance and at reasonable price.
Manufacturing Range
Job Size & Weight Limitations:
Sand Castings
Linear upto 2700 mm
Diameter upto 2000 mm
Weight/Piece upto 2.2 Tons

Shell Molded Castings
Maximum Size 24" X 30"
Weight/Piece up to 55 Kgs.
Installed Plant Wise Capacity:
No Bake Commercial   9,600 Tons
Rail Road   6,000 Tons
No Bake Automated Loop Line 10,200 Tons
Shell Molding Plant   4,200 Tons
Total 30,000 Tons
Product Mix:
Low Alloy Steel 59%
Carbon Steel 35%
Manganese Steel 0.5%
High Alloy Steel 05%
High Chromium Iron 0.5%
Manufacturing Processes:
No-bake Process
Shell Molding by Flaskless Process





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