The Hallmark of Steelcast Limited is to produce goods with excellent performance and at reasonable price.
Manufacturing Range

Our manufacturing facilities are well equipped with the latest technology trends and upgraded on a regular basis with support and feedback from our state-of-the-art Research & Development Laboratory. In March 2006, we installed another Direct Reading SPECTROMAXx-M Floor Version High CCD Optical Emission Spectrometer. The manufacturing facilities consist of the following :

  • Designing & Pattern Making: We have MAGMASOFT Software giving foolproof methods for designing and patterns, a well equipped Pattern Shop and Ancillaries for making Wooden, Metallic and Shell Patterns.
  • Melting Shop:A Battery of Medium Frequency Induction Furnaces of 3.5 tons, 2 tons and 1.5 tons capacity for Sand Castings and 1 ton and 0.5 ton capacity Induction Furnaces for Shell Molded Castings.
  • Molding Shop:We have semi-automated and fully automated state of the art No-bake molding line to produce excellent quality of castings with higher productivity. We can produce flask less molds in our fully automatic no-bake molding line. We have sand mixer plant having capacity of 80 Tons per Hour and 60 Tons per Hour respectively. We also have sand reclamation plant which can reclaim sand at a rate of 30 tons per hour capacity. We also have 18"x27" and 24"x30" Shell Molding machines for Shell Molded Castings. Additionally we also have a fully equipped Core shop with Electric Core Oven having Digital Temperature control system. Our cores are manufactured by No-bake and Shell Process.
  • Fettling Shop: Pencil Hand Grinders to Heavy Swing Frame Grinders with facilities for welding AC and DC with pre-heating arrangement; Air Arc Gouging and Shot Blasting facilities. Hydraulic Press for straightening of castings.
  • Heat Treatment: For Heat Treatment we have a battery of Gas fired furnaces having capacities of up to 7 tons per charge and a maximum operating temperature of 1100°C with an arrangement of automatic multipoint temperature recording of various zones of each furnace. We also have facilities for Water Quenching and Polymer Quenching.We, aim at maintaining Temperature Uniformity of our Austenitizing furnaces within 14 C and Tempering furnaces within 8 C, conforming to AMS 2750 standard.
  • Machine Shop: We have a full fledged state-of-the-art in-house Machine Shop with the following machinery:

    Sr. No. Name of the Machine Model No. Make No. of Machines
    1 Horizontal Machining Center HS-4R HAAS, USA 2
    2 Horizontal Machining Center EC-500 HAAS, USA 1
    3 Horizontal Machining Center MAXPRO H500E BFW, INDIA 2
    4 Horizontal Machining Center HMC -630 BP YOUJI, TAIWAN 1
    5 Vertical Machining Center VMC-1050 JYOTI CNC, INDIA 4
    6 Vertical Machining Center BMV60/T20/TC24 BFW, INDIA 2
    7 Vertical Machining Center CVM-1060 COSMOS, INDIA 2
    8 Double Column Vertical Machining Center NX3215 JYOTI CNC, INDIA 1
    9 CNC Boring Machine TS3 JUARISTI, SPAIN 1
    10 CNC Boring Machine TX1S-MGX6 JUARISTI, SPAIN 1
    11 CNC Boring Machine TX3S-MGX12 JUARISTI, SPAIN 1
    12 CNC Boring Machine BFK 130 WMW, India 1
    13 CNC Boring Machine TL1S-Dia 110 JUARISTI, SPAIN 1
    14 CNC Boring Machine TL1S-Dia 130 JUARISTI, SPAIN 1
    15 CNC Turning Center ST-20 HAAS, USA 1
    16 CNC Heavy Duty Lathe XCF-56 TOP TURN, TAIWAN 1
    17 Vertical Turning Center CY-550H YOUJI, TAIWAN 1
    18 Portable CMM PO802 FARO, USA 1
    19 FIX CMM CRYSTA - Apex S122010 MITUTOYO, JAPAN 1
    20 Tool Pre-setter TSA ASHWINI, INDIA 1

    We also have developed well equipped ancillaries with modern equipments for Boring, Turning, Planning, Shaping and Drilling operations.
  • Induction Hardening: We have a full fledged state-of-the-art in-house Induction Hardening facility.
  • Power: Standby D.G. Sets of 2000 KVA for uninterrupted power supply. Installed in-house 66 KV sub-station to enhance power requirement.




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